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Index Reynosa has asked both border authorities to help expedite crossings by letting empty rigs return to Mexico through an additional port at the Anzalduas Bridge.

The group has recently met with border crossing authorities in both the US and Mexico to request this addition as the Pharr bridge is the only one that currently allows empty rigs to cross to Mexico, according to Alejandro Avila, INDEX Reynosa President.

Davila explained that this change can help expedite crossings and wait time to continue operations more efficiently.

Currently, over 2,000 trucks cross the bridge daily.

Administrators at the Anzalduas Bridge reported having the necessary accommodations needed to make this possible.

Avila mentioned he is hopeful the request will be approved in the near future.

Index Reynosa support more than 120 manufacturing companies in the region, employing more than 100,000 workers, which represents close to 50 percent of jobs in the industry in Tamaulipas alone.

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