Index works to decrease wait time at border crossings

Index National and the Mexican IRS (SAT) recently included the City of Reynosa and three others as part of a pilot program whose mission is to monitor wait times for big rigs and detect areas in need for improvement.

Data will be collected through the use of GPS monitoring devices.

The program will be established at border crossings in Nogales, Juarez, Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa, according to Federico Serrano Bañuelos, president of INDEX National.

Results will be presented to Border crossing authorities until 2017 so that together they can make the changes needed to improve wait time.

According to Israel Morales, Director of Special Projects at INDEX Reynosa, 88 percent of merchandise crosses to the US through these four bridges.

The main objective is for big rigs to cross within 30 mins on average, he added.

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