RAMMAC Foundation visits nonprofits

RAMMAC Foundation recently visited various nonprofit organizations who are benefitted annually by its fundraising efforts.

One of the organizations visited was Children’s Haven International, which gives shelter to over 35 children from low income or separated families including those that have suffered violence in the home. The children are typically from one to 18 years of age.

Its main purpose is to provide care, love and Christian morals, as well as education to those of age to go to middle school, high school, even college.

“We have had the pleasure to help youngsters obtain careers in law and engineering,” Mike Myers, Foundation Board Member said. “Currently they have two young students pursuing dentistry and international business.”

Board members also visited the Rio Bravo Ministries, nonprofit organization supporting the development of children in border cities along northern Mexico.

This organizations helps children who have been abandoned by their parents and have been mistreated or simply left by their single moms who cannot take care of them any longer.

Currently, 75 children are living there with the main importance being education. The program is outlined and certified by the State Office of Public Education and children receive grants from the organization to continue their studies.

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