Reynosa sets new record in job creation

Reynosa, Tam., 15 June 2016.- IMMEX (Maquiladora Industry and Export Manufacturing) companies on this border recorded a new employment record in March, according to figures released by the Institute national Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI).

According to the study conducted monthly by IMMEX, companies in the City of Reynosa provide 101,861 jobs, representing an increase of 1,593 new jobs compared to the previous month of this same year.

In Reynosa, the largest number of jobs on record was of 101,589, which happened in October 2007, months before the economic downturn that affected the industry worldwide.

Martha Ramos Morales, Director of INDEX Reynosa, revealed that precisely because of the growth that is estimated will continue to occur in Reynosa. The organization has established contact with federal and state authorities to work on special programs to ensure the provision of better services and urban infrastructure in benefit of local residents.

INEGI reported that in March, 148 IMMEX companies were operating in Reynosa, while Tamaulipas had 354.

In Tamaulipas, which ranks fifth in IMMEX job creation in the country, the federal agency registered a total of 209,489 jobs.

INEGI, revealed Tuesday that the number of jobs related to IMMEX industries in Mexico had a 0.1% increase, reaching 2 million 390,801 workers.

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